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Jerri Ann Jensen, Mission Initiatives Director with an emphasis in staff learning and development, has worked for the U.S. Navigators for 20 years. Currently, she primarily works remotely to coach, counsel, develop curriculum, and train staff via web conferencing. She also serves on the National SHAW leadership team. Prior to her current roles, Jerri Ann led campus ministry and trained staff with her husband, Todd, and served on The Navigators U.S. Board of Directors. For the past 5 years she has personally practiced and continues to experience transformation from the relational skills that she shares in these videos. Jerri Ann has witnessed these skills give a lot of traction for the growth of counseling clients and Navigator staff as well. These holistic discipleship skills and unique handouts are ones that the every-day person can learn, embrace, and pass on to others.

Jerri Ann Jensen

Session 1: Calm, Soulful Breathing

Jerri Ann Jensen teaches us how to bring calm and quiet to our souls. 

Session 2: Growing Awareness

Jerri Ann Jensen provides practical ways to cultivate our awarenesses of God, self, and others.

Session 3: Joy

Jerri Ann Jensen teaches us that joy is relational. She helps us evaluate if the relational parts of our brain are turned on, if we are open to be givers and receivers of joy. 

Session 4: Appreciation and Gratitude

Jerri Ann Jensen teaches us that being thankful has an impact on our brain, our relationships, and our emotional well-being. 

Final Session: Abiding

Jerri Ann Jensen provides us tips on how we can cultivate a deeper love relationship with Jesus.