Senior Transition Seminar

Senior Transition Resource Hub

Videos and tools that will help you with your transition!


U.S. Collegiate Director, Ben Nugent, introduces the Senior Transition Seminar and how the resources provided can help you thrive! 

Ben Nugent

Session 1: Community/Church

Serge Rouhana, Associate Staff with Navigators 20s in Houston, teaches us that the way we engage in the community and the Church matters to God and should matter to us.

Serge Rouhana

Session #2: Work/Insider

Anne Cregger, Washington DC City Leader for Navigators 20s, talks about how the best avenue for the natural spread of the Gospel is in the workplace.

Anne Cregger

Session #3: Time

Robin Klapheke, Associate Campus Director at Penn State University, talks about how the Lord taught her how to navigate in the new rhythms of life. 

Robin Klapheke

Session #4: Laboring with the Lord

Thomas Baker, Staff-in-Training with Navigators 20s in San Diego, talks about laboring with the Lord after college and that God wants to use you.

Thomas Baker

Session #5: Walking With God

Oliver Porter, Associate Regional Director for the Great Lakes Region and his wife Carolyn, talk about carrying your habits that you learned in college into your life after college.

Oliver & Carolyn Porter

Session #6: Money

Kim Inoshita, Nav Rep and Trainer in Arizona, gives you tips on how to be a faithful steward of your money.

Kim Inoshita


U.S. Collegiate Director, Ben Nugent, lets you know that The Navigators are praying for you along the way. 

Ben Nugent

Additional Resources

Nine-Week Bible Studies

Three nine-week bible studies that will give you biblical perspective on work, vocation, and calling.

Shorter Bible Studies

Four shorter bible studies that will give you a biblical perspective on work. 

Calling and Assessment Resources

Two resources that will help you examine the connection between work and calling and how God has made you.

Discussion Guides

A handout that can be used to explore the “big picture” of how work, vocation, and calling are connected.

User Guides

Enjoy using these user guides to study the topic of work with a small group or in a one-to-one meeting.


Videos to show how people are working out their calling even as they adjust to life after college.