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This page provides an administrative resource for STP Directors and Collegiate staff who are planning Summer Training Programs.

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Selecting Your STP Onboarding Option:

Step 1: Review Onboarding Option Details: The chart below outlines some details, pros, and cons for your students and staff inherent to each option.

Step 2: Select Onboarding Option: Consider choosing an option that provides year-over-year consistency to both students and staff.

Step 3: Communicate Your Selection: Please email by January 31st with your STP Onboarding option selection. Feel free to email as early as you know!

Step 4: Start Preparing your STP: Click the matching links below to see a breakdown of administrative tasks and how to’s, all organized by timeline, to guide your preparation.

Overview of Onboarding Options

Option 1: Event

Student Fundraising: Not Available

Attending Onboarding Program: RegFox

Stipends: Not Available

Per Diems: No

Per Diem Method: 

  • Cash Advance (one-off situation)


  • Simplest option
  • Program fee collected as payment
  • Ideal for programs without fundraising

No attendee fundraising

Option 2: Individually Fundraised Program

Student Fundraising: Fundraising through individual attendee cost centers

Attending Onboarding Program: Workday

Stipends: *Available

Per Diems: Yes

Per Diem Method: 

  • Direct Deposit (recurring need)


  • Fundraising into individual attendee cost centers


  • Use of Workday for onboarding
  • Attendee funds subject to highest percentage of charges (16% total)
  • Not available to programs shorter than 2 weeks in length

*Stipends are limited to a minimum of $250 and maximum of $2,500 in Option 2

Option 3: Pooled Fundraised Program

Student Fundraising: Fundraising through one or a small group of cost centers

Attending Onboarding Program: RegFox

Stipends: **Available

Per Diems: Yes

Per Diem Method: 

  • Cash Advance (one-off situation)


  • Best of both worlds: Streamlined onboarding and allows attendees to fundraise program costs
  • 3% less organizational charges to fundraising dollars (13% total as opposed to 16% with Option 2)


  • Tracking gifts can be time consuming

**Stipends are limited to a minimum of $250 and maximum of $2,500 in Option 3. Additionally, only student team leaders and program assistants are eligible.

For an enhanced overview of onboarding options, click here.

Select an Option

Contact List

The Directory below provides contact information across departments for commonly asked questions and inquiries. If you have any questions about who to contact for a specific question, you can always email Staff Services at

Field Support Center

  • Viewing access to student cost centers (Option 2)
  • Requesting Honorariums
  • Cost Center Questions
  • Submitting bills and W-9
  • P-Card Increases

Email Contact:

  • Onboarding Task Inquiries
  • Weekly Updates on Onboarding Completion (Option 2)
  • Cost Center and Giving Page Visibility (Option 2)
  • Weekly updates for Options 2 and 3
  • Additional questions for options 2 and 3

  • Changes to STP Information on Collegiate Website

  • Setting up Reg Fox for Attendee Registration (Option 1 and 3)
  • Brainstorm Timeline and Operational Planning

Additional resources can be found at

  • Workday access and issues (for option 2 attendees)
  • Questions about Staff Financial Center (SFC) OPTION 2 Only
  • Navigator Store Questions for Fundraising Materials (Options 2 or 3)
  • Navigator Email Questions (Option 2)
  • Miscellaneous questions

719-594-2323 Monday-Friday 8am-5pm MST


Changes to STP Information on Collegiate Website

2024 STP Directors:

Title: Disciplemaking Intensive (DMI)
Director: Loyce Nelson

Region: Florida

Title: Jax STP
Director: Adam and Cassidy Purdy
Email: and                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Region: Mid America/Central Plains

Title: Lake Geneva STP
Director: Logan Watson

Region: IL/IN and Great Lakes

Title: Snow Mountain Ranch
Director: Tucker Bennett

Region: PAC NW and Rocky Mountain Region

Title: Beach STP
Director: Albert Tzeng

Region: Blue Ridge

Title: Ekklesia
Directors: Brendan Mahar

Region: Northeast

Title: Denver Workplace Training Program
Director: Maralee Whitey

Region: Rocky Mountain Region

Title: East Coast Discipleship Program
Director: Andrew Banks

Region: Mid Atlantic

Title: Estes Park STP
Director: Ryan Mullarkey

Region: Sunland

Title: Pacific Sunland Summer
Director: Tobie Owl

Region: Sunland

Title: Next Generation STP (D4L)
Directors: Don and DeAnn Fraser
Email: and

Region: Maryland

Additional Contacts

To invite a World Missions staff to speak and present at an STP:

Katie Greiner

Vehicle accidents, personal injury, Workmans Comp., etc.:

Vendor Contracts, International Students attending STP:

Note: All contracts must be approved through CARM prior to signing and should be reviewed no later than a couple of months before the start of the STP. The sooner the better!

International students hoping to attend an STP should be connected with Stacey who can provide guidelines and information.

Driver Authorizations, Meeting and Activity insurance:

Child Protection Training and Documents, Safety and First Aid:

TDC Administrator: Patti Morrissey

Resources for:

  • SHAW
  • Coaching
  • Leadership and Supervision
  • Personal and Professional Growth
  • Team Building
  • Relational Health

MPD Resources:

Download Example Funding Packet.