The Heart of Discipling Women Digital Library

Collection 2

Experiencing God (Growing in Trust)

Collection 2 Summary

This collection contains tools and resources designed to help women experientially get to know God through His promises so they can grow in trusting Him and be prepared to wholeheartedly surrender to Him as His disciple.

Collection 2 organized into five sections:


Treasure to help grow the heart and the soft skills vital for discipling women.


A sample of tools and resources proven helpful for nurturing spiritual generations of women.


Suggested guides for how content from this library can be utilized in weekly Life-to-Life® discipleship.


Opportunity to gain vision for investing in women and to “see” what it can look like to utilize tools from this library.


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Collection: 2 Heart


Jean Fleming came to know Jesus during her senior year of high school and then joined The Navigators her freshmen year of college.  For over sixty years she has discipled women one on one in Korea, Japan, Arizona, Seattle and Colorado Springs as well as all over the world through the many books and articles she’s written (A Mother’s Heart, Between Walden and the Whirlwind, Feeding Your Soul, Pursue the Intentional Life). 

Bible Studies

A Heart that Trusts

(Bible Study)

A Heart that Belongs

(Bible Study)

A Heart that Responds

(Bible Study)

A Heart for Battle

(Bible Study)

A Heart Forgiven

(Bible Study)

A Heart of Wisdom

(Bible Study)


Deb Entsminger came to Christ her first week in college through a bunch of Navigator guys who lived next door.  For the past forty years she has been meeting with women one on one helping them come to know Jesus, keep growing in a relationship with Him and learn how to pass on to other women what’s she’s passed on to them for life!  She serves with the Collegiate Navigators despite being deaf.  Four years ago the Lord did a miracle and restored her hearing through cochlear implants!  What a mighty God we serve!

Collection 2: Tools

Collection 2: Practice

Collection 2: Books

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Woman praying for each other